5 Valuable Reasons to Create Consistent Video Content

If you aren't creating regular video content already – you should definitely consider it. You might be missing out on great opportunities to attract new customers and recruit top talent. Here are some important reasons to give it a try...

Get personal with potential customers 

People connect more with faces and stories than with text. Video content shows off your personality and/or your employees, and quickly portrays a story about your brand. It can help potential customers feel like they already know you before they even reach out. 

Keep people engaged 

Attention spans are short – and video captures more attention – whether on your website, social media, an email or anywhere! Video also keeps people engaged for longer than text alone. Plus, videos are more likely to be shared and spread around, giving your business more exposure. 

Show off your products, services and company 

Video content allows you to show off and build trust in ways that text simply can't. Your product or service doesn't even need to be visually appealing to show well on screen. Just share it with passion and enthusiasm. Your offices and company culture can draw people in too...people like to feel a part of something - let them in!  

Build trust with customers 

Trust is key in any business relationship. Video content can help build that trust with potential customers showing that you are transparent, knowledgeable, and passionate about what you do. Trust-building video content can be pieces like customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes at your offices, or sharing how you source your materials or make your products. 

Attract top talent 

Finally, video content can also be a great tool for recruiting new employees. You can create videos that showcase company culture and your mission, show what it's like to work there, and share your company's values. This makes it easier to find people who are aligned with your team. 

Where can I use all this video?? 

The answer is: pretty much anywhere! 

You can use video content on your website, social media channels, email newsletters, online ads, and so many more places! Just make sure that your video content authentically reflects your organization. It doesn't always need to be high-quality – but it does need to be real. 

So, get started creating some awesome video content – start small, start easy – but get started! 

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