Striking Gold:
How B2B Podcasting Can Transform Your Business

I am 100% serious when I say there is gold to be found in B2B podcasting.  

The audience for podcasts continues to grow every year. If you think your target market isn't listening – YOU. ARE. WRONG! If you think 'there are already so many podcasts, why would anyone want to listen to me?' then why are you in business at all? Doesn't your business have competitors – sometimes MANY? But you are unique and your business offers a different perspective – and so can your podcast.  

The research

According to Edison Research, 64% of the US population is listening to podcasts – that's a huge number, but since many of them don't listen regularly (only 31% in the last week), there is still huge room for growth. 

Did you know that people who listen to podcasts weekly listen to an average of 9 podcast episodes a week! That's a lot...but it's true. I listen to at least that many – oftentimes more. They make the most menial tasks bearable – cooking dinner, washing dishes, sorting laundry, exercising. I do them all with an earbud in my ear, listening to a wide variety of interesting podcasts.    

Just do it!

So, get your unique voice out there. Focus on a niche in your industry; heck, focus on a niche inside your niche! Your guests and audience are out there. A few cases in point...The Pen Addict focuses on everything in the pen industry; Give Bats a Podcast, yup, all about bats.  

The reasons

In case you need specific reasons to get started, here are just a few ways a podcast can affect your business: 

  • Establish thought leadership: A podcast can be an excellent platform to establish thought leadership and position your business as a go-to resource for your industry – either locally, nationally, or even globally...depending on your niche and goals. Whether you go solo, partner up, or interview guests, you can spread valuable information to your audience (while making guests feel like geniuses!). It all helps to build your brand and credibility. 
  • Expand your network: Podcasts can be a great way to network with other business leaders in your industry, other industries, or in a particular area or region. Inviting guests onto your show builds phenomenal relationships, which could potentially lead to new business opportunities or collaborations. 
  • Improve your content marketing: Whether you're creating quick and easy 5-10 minute podcasts or 45-60 minute podcasts, this content is pure gold for your marketing. Yes, you can certainly distribute it to all podcast players at a click of a button – but you can also reuse that content all over the place! Use it in long form on social media or break it up into smaller bite-sized segments. Share it on your website, create blog posts, put it emails and newsletters, text it to your prospect list...there's no stopping this content engine!   

That's all for today's podcast rant. Suffice it to say, I have no doubt there is a podcast idea for your business that would attract guests and listeners alike.  

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