Why podcasting might not be right for you – and how to move past it

You may have considered starting a podcast as part of your content marketing strategy, but wondered whether it was right for you. I can understand the hesitancy!

Let's take a look at some of the most common challenges people consider as they're making a decision on whether or not to start a podcast. Like most challenges, some are insurmountable, but there are also some strategies to overcome them. So, we'll take a look at those too.

Challenge 1: I don't have a lot of time

One of the most significant challenges in starting a podcast is the time required to both start and then consistently produce high-quality content. Starting is probably the biggest time commitment bear - there are a lot of steps. But many of them you will never have to do again.

Once you're into regular production, your time commitment should lessen over time. It'll take a little while to fall into a rhythm, but with consistency...and structure...you can create a process that will significantly reduce your time-spend.

To overcome the time challenge, you can always outsource some, or many, of the tasks involved in podcast production. You can hire a freelancers/contractors to help with almost everything such as setting up the right technology, creating graphics, finding and scheduling guests, writing scripts (if needed), editing audio/video and even promoting your podcast.

Another way to save time is to batch record your podcast episodes. Block out a specific time each month to record multiple episodes at once. This can help you stay organized and consistent.

Challenge 2: I'm not comfortable in front of a microphone

Not everyone is a natural in front of a microphone and/or camera. If you're not confident in your speaking skills or your self-confidence is in a rut, starting a podcast may seem intimidating. Consider whether this is a big roadblock for you, or something you are willing to overcome...which you can!

Luckily, speaking skills can be improved with practice and there are other ways to make you sound better than you feel!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Practice your speaking skills by recording yourself and then listening back to the recording to hear what you can improve. 
  • Some experts recommend recording a few podcasts with no intention of ever posting them. This lowers the pressure you are putting on yourself. And if they actually turn out great, then you have more content to use later!  
  • Choose an interview format podcast – you are listening far more than speaking!  
  • Co-host your podcast with someone who is a natural talker or has a strong speaking voice. 
  • Use scripts or outlines to guide your podcast episodes and make sure you stay on track. 
  • Finally, you can pre-record your podcasts and edit out mistakes. This can make the process longer in the short-term – but buys you some time to improve as you go!

Challenge 3: I don't know what to focus on - My customer base is so wide / I have too many business lines/services

To create a successful podcast, you should try to narrow your focus as much as possible. If your business caters to a broad range of customers or has a general focus, it may be difficult to create a podcast that resonates with a specific audience or pulls in a particular kind of guest.

Honestly, this is the area that MANY podcaster struggle with.

To overcome this, start by focusing on the "SPICE" of your podcast, to help you narrow down your niche:

  • Service/Sales - Are there particular services/sales goals that you want to align the podcast with?
  • People – Who are the people you want to serve with the podcast? Define them clearly and completely.
  • Interests – What are these people interested in – and what are you interested in? On the flipside, what are their concerns - the things that keep them up at night, and can you provide content to help?
  • Community – Is there a community you can serve with your podcast – whether that's your local community, the community of the industry of your customers, your own industry's community, or something else.
  • Education – What can you educate the people you want to serve about? Are there topics you are an expert in...or something in your industry that you feel is important to educate them on?

Wrapping it up

There are always challenges when you start something new. Sometime those challenges stop you in your tracks – you realize you simply don't have enough time, or the money to outsource. But sometimes, they're just a momentary pause to reflect and discover a way to continue.

I truly believe in the power of podcasting as a way to make incredible content while building great relationships with people you may not have otherwise had the chance to meet or reach. If you feel the same, and want some help pushing past your challenges – reach out and let's talk it through.

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